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Go Boxing Training at Your Home Gym

Boxing is not just an engaging sport to watch but an even better workout training to perform. Just a few hours of punching that large leather bag provides you with an exhilarating and rewarding exercise. Boxing is a physically taxing workout that requires stamina, balance, coordination, and aerobic endurance. If you have been boxing at the gym and want to take the training home, or you have the desire to try it but just at the convenience of your garage, then you definitely need a sturdy and safe boxing stand right after purchasing your punching bag. Best Home Gym Equipment has all the variety of boxing stands you need for your home gym boxing workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of boxing stands?
There are three types of boxing stands available: heavy bag boxing stands, free standing punching bags equipped with its stand, and ceiling or wall-mounted box stand. All three offer convenience in being installed at your home with minimal requirements.

Heavy Bag Box Stands

This type of box stand is floor mounted, meaning it is anchored to the floor and takes up little space of your home gym. It can carry a punching bag weighing 30kg to 60kg and are the type of stands ideal for martial arts workouts. Heavy bag stands provide the athlete with the ability to practice in any setting they choose. Heavy bag stands can be single stationed or double stationed boxing stand. Single-stationed heavy bag stands can hold only one heavy bag. As for the dual stations, they also provide a place for speed boxing bags that you can use to train and develop your speed in boxing.

Wall-mounted or ceiling mounted box stands

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted boxing stands, as their names imply, are mounted to the ceiling or wall by a steel angle and bracket assembly. Wall-mounted boxing bag stands can limit your movements as you can’t hit it too hard since the bag has a chance to backfire when punched too hard and hits the wall. Mounting your boxing bag to the ceiling is also an option as it can give you more space and won’t limit your movements. The downside is it is more complicated to mount than the heavy bag stand or wall-mounted box stand.

Freestanding Punching Bags

Freestanding punching bags have built-in stands set in place. It is the recommended stand or type of boxing bag for beginners as it was designed for lighter punches. You can still do middle and high kicks with it provided that it’s not a kick from a heavyweight champion or it will fly across the room. It does not need to be anchored or screwed somewhere and has wheels so you can move them around as you please. There are freestanding punching bags that are available for your kiddos too. So you can box while keeping an eye on your cheeky little monkey.

How Do I Choose my Boxing Stand?

Size of the Stand

Since your home gym will have a limited space unless you’re one of the top billionaires of the world, you have to take note of the length, width, and height of the boxing stand that can fit in your home gym. You must also have ample space to perform your boxing workouts. Measure the area where you want your boxing stand and deduct at least five feet to each side, you’ve got the length and width of your boxing stand. As for the height, make sure that the height of the stand can level yours. You should not be looking down or up the boxing bag to practice. You will lose your form and might be a cause for injury or accident.

Holding Weight

You must already know the range of weight of the bag you want to hang on the stand. Most boxing stands are capable of handling up to 170kg. Calculate the punching bag weight you need by doubling your body weight. For example, if you weigh 50kg then you should look for a stand that can hold at least a 100kg bag. Choosing a punching bag that is below your weight capacity can make it go swinging and lead to injuries or accidents. On the other hand, purchasing a boxing bag that weighs heavier than your weight capacity might end up in the garbage bin since your punches are just absorbed by the weight of the bag and will more likely be done with after a few years.

Quantity Capacity

If you are sure that one heavy bag is good enough for you, then you have plenty of options to choose from. But if you think you might want to have another set of bags in the future then look for a boxing stand that can accommodate at least two heavy loads, or one heavy bag and one-speed bag, or one heavy bag, a speed bag, and double-end bags.


Shopping for a boxing stand wouldn’t max out your credit card but a penny saved is a penny earned. So choose wisely. Cheaper but with good enough quality boxing stands are made of metal tubes or steel that are lighter and easier to ship. They are prone to swinging after a long period of usage, but you can make them sturdier by adding sandbags or weight plates on both ends, so it does not rock back and forth. This is also good to buy if you are just training to tone your body then there’s no need to bring that Manny Pacquiao punch. If you would like the more expensive ones that are made of solid steel, then you can count on it to last longer and might just outlive you.

How Do I Assemble and Install my Boxing Stand?
Your punching bag stand will come in a box filled with parts that need to be assembled and installed. It might be overwhelming, and you might feel that you don’t have time for it or that you are confused about which part is to go to which part. Don’t fret, assembling and installing your boxing stand is easy peasy. You just need to be patient and follow the instructions in the manual. If you’ve purchased a wall or ceiling mounted boxing stand, you just got to piece together the brackets and beams that come with it, and you’re good to go in 5 to 10 minutes. Now if you’ve purchased a heavy stand boxing bag, stay calm and prepare your tools from your tool chest. If you still need more assistance, contact Best Home Gym Equipment so we can help you with the assembly of your awesome machine.

How do I Maintain my Punching Bag and Stand?

Using the equipment for extended periods will wear it out, that’s why you must know how to maintain your home gym equipment. It would mean less maintenance cost plus you can use your equipment longer.

  1. When it comes to your punching bag, clean it after every boxing session. When you are using it daily, then you have to clean it every day too. Sweat, moisture, dirt & dust will make your punching bag displeasing to the eye, would worn out faster than it should, and could potentially cause illness or injury. Just a good wipe of disinfectant or a clean rag should do the trick.
  2. Patch any occasional small tears and cuts on your punching bag. If bag straps are twisted, straighten them out.
  3. Your boxing stand has bolts and steel parts that will corrode over time when not maintained. So take your time to grease it with machine oil or just the regular unused cooking oil would do in preventing the corrosion of your stand.
  4. Check the metal integrity of the stands loops, chains, and hooks.
  5. When you do all this, you can be sure that your equipment could serve you better and longer.