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Find the Best Chest Press Machine in Australia

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A modified version of the bench press machine, a chest press also gives all its benefits to improve your upper body strength and form to make you look healthy and sexy. Because not everyone can use bench presses like those with back and spine problems, including a chest press machine at your home gym is indeed a good alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chest Press Machine?

When you go to a commercial gym or fitness centre, you may see these bulky yet effective-looking machines that dominate the weight training area of the room. They may be called different names, like seated chess press, press machine, machine press, or machine chest press. Still, all of them are the same, they are all chest press machines. This is a specialty piece of equipment that looks different depending on the manufacturer but delivers the same effect, which is to build strong and defined upper body muscles.

A seated chest press machine is a more comfortable counterpart of a bench press or lying bench press machine. Instead of lying down and asking a spotter or trainer to supervise as you lift a heavy barbell with weights, this equipment allows the user to sit on the machine and push weights connected to handlebars or arms located in front of his chest.

The Difference of a Bench Press vs. a Chest Press Machine

Position. The bench press is used while lying down, while the chest press machine is the upright version of that equipment. It allows the user to sit while using the machine.

Use. As mentioned earlier, it is safer for you to ask a fitness coach or a companion to check you out while doing bench presses. With a chest press machine, however, you can do it independently, how many time and how many repetitions you can do.

Safety. Do not get us wrong; a bench press and a chest press machine are safe pieces of home gym equipment. But because some people complain of having worse back pains after using a bench press, many prefer using the seated chest press. One of the reasons is that the weights are supported by the machine itself, and you can let go of the handles without risking the weights to fall on you. You can change how you push the arms of the machine so that you can target different muscles in every cycle. This can also help in making variations in your workout routine.

Pre-existing Back Injury. If you want to work on your upper body muscles and increase your muscle definition, but you have a spine or back injury, your trainer may prohibit you from using a bench press. Instead, they will help you safely use a seated chest press machine so that less effort and pressure will be directed towards the back and spine, but work out of your arms and chest muscles will still be performed.

How to Use a Chest Press Machine

Depending on how your machine looks like, it is so easy to use a seated chest press machine. Some manufacturers create their machine with just two handlebars or arms located in front of the chest, connected to a padded seat with backrest. These arms have metal gears on the side where you can put weight plates depending on the extent of your bodybuilding workout. Some models have an installed stationary footrest or stool, while some also use these footrests to double as an additional exercise move for your lower legs. The latter combines upper body workout and lower body stretching in one amazing chest press machine!

Adjust the machine. To use a seated chest press machine, you have to first make your personal modifications to the equipment to make sure that it is safe and suitable for your use. Correct the height of the seat so that your feet can stay flat on the floor or the footrest. The handlebars should also be located midline of the chest. The weight plates that you would want to use should be 25% of your weight during your first workout sessions. If you are going to increase the difficulty and challenge yourself further, add 5 to 10 pounds every set cycle, just to make sure that you do not stress or overload the muscles.

Start lifting weights. After ensuring that the machine is suitable to your height and weight restrictions, you can now sit comfortably on the padded cushion, leaning your back straight on the backrest. Hold the handles and push them to your front without fully straightening or locking your elbows. While doing this, do not forget to incorporate breathing exercises. Make it a habit to exhale when you push the handles away from the body, and inhale as you lead it back towards your chest.

Repeat safely. As a beginner user of a chest press machine, you can start slowly, doing at least 10 repetitions for 3 to 4 sets. This is to eliminate the possibility of having muscle cramps while you work out your upper body. As you advance and become familiar with this workout and home gym equipment, you can increase the repetitions or add weight plates, whichever you feel is necessary.


Now that you are knowledgeable about what a chest press machine can do for you, maybe it is time for you to think about adding this common fitness equipment to your home gym. After an excellent cardio workout, why not develop strong and defined upper body muscles using the best chest press machine in Australia. Home Gym Australia can fix you up with the best brands of seated chest press machines that are effective, safe, and reasonably priced. Talk to our sales representative or visit our store so that we can show you the different high-quality options that we can offer you that would not sacrifice safety and will not break the bank!