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Get High-Quality Compression Socks at Home Gym Australia

compression socks

Now that you are determined to continue working out at home, several home gym equipment needs to be purchased and invested in. what you should not forget, amidst all the expenses, is to make sure that you can safely use them during your exercise routines. Wearing compression socks, for instance, while working out is then vital to help you protect yourself from any untoward mishaps like accidents and overexertion. Let Home Gym Australia show you the reasons why getting the best compression socks is essential, the benefits that you can get from wearing them, and tips on how they should be worn during your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Wear Compression Socks?

The main purpose of wearing compression socks or stockings is to apply gentle force to your lower body, particularly to your feet, ankles, and legs, so that blood circulation gets regulated easier. There are certain activities or occupations that require prolonged standing which makes blood circulation to the arteries and veins of the lower leg challenging to flow back to the heart. This condition results in abnormal stretching and widening of the veins, a condition called varicose veins. What compression socks do is to support present ample amount of pressure to the legs and ankles, so that the veins could perform its function without blood pooling, prevent the legs from swelling, and promote good blood circulation. This prevents blood pressure problems, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and blood circulation complications for pregnant women.

Just like the function of regular or medicated compression socks, wearing fitness compression socks also gives you the same benefits. These are not the regular high socks that you typically wear while working out. They are tighter, and they can be worn in just one leg. While some brands and models can be bought over the counter, some high-quality compression socks and stockings, like the ones available at Home Gym Australia, need to have a prescription.

Forms Of Compression Therapy For Fitness?

There are many compression garments that you can avail of when you are planning to start working out. Some gym-goers use them as a preventative measure, while some wear them for therapeutic or rehabilitative purposes. Here are different forms of compression therapy apparel that you can check out at home Gym Australia.

  • Compression socks (high socks or ankle socks)
  • Compression stockings
  • Sleeves (ankle, knee, calf, leg, elbow)
  • Elastic wraps
  • Calf guards
  • Compression tights
Benefits For Wearing Compression Socks While Working Out

Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts would definitely benefit from wearing compression stockings two ways; it will either boost their performance or help them work out safely while recovering from an injury.

Boost your Performance

Wearing compression socks can make you improve your workout routine since you would not worry too much about exerting too much effort and pressure on the legs. Compression socks improve the blood circulation in the body, letting your muscle tissues get the right nutrition and energy that they need to perform better. It also helps you absorb the vibration and stress that weight training or resistance exercises provide. When wearing compression socks, it also serves as a signal to your brain to maintain your balance and form while working out. It also motivates you to exert more force and effort while still maintaining the right amount of compression, so that even if you improve your performance, your safety is still prioritised.

Working out while Recovering

Though working out is ideal for your health and fitness, there will be instances that you will encounter accidents and injuries. What compression socks do is to help you work out safely by protecting the affected part while performing light exercise routines. Symptoms of muscle aches and pains, while injured, will be reduced because the socks or compression garments support the muscles while you do your rehab or physiotherapy exercises.

Tips In Choosing Your Compression Socks

Check the right fit

Knowing what the required level of compression in the leg or any affected area that needed support is necessary to find the right sleeves or socks for you. These therapeutic socks have different levels of compression or pressure, so let your physiotherapist, doctor, or fitness coach determine which is compatible with your individual needs. You should also measure your body part so that the compression socks that you will purchase fits you while providing the right amount of firmness.

Know when to use it

It is not recommended to use the compression socks the whole time you are working out. There are times or kinds of exercises that require compression or pressure, while some would not necessitate additional support.

During exercise. While running or jogging, your body requires plenty of oxygen-rich blood to give nourishment to your muscles. This prevents strains and sprains. Wearing compression socks can help with this by preventing venous insufficiency and improving the blood circulation to and from the legs.

During the recovery period. Since accidents and mishaps can occur while working out or training, compression garments like sleeves and socks help while you are exercising or not. Wearing compression socks during rehabilitation exercises lets you perform different movements without exerting too much pressure on the affected area. While resting, it prevents your legs from being swollen and maintains proper blood circulation.

While travelling. Prolonged sitting in airports, planes, ships, and cars can aggravate your venous insufficiency or other problems like leg swelling and varicose veins. Thrombosis or development of blood clots that can travel to your veins and blood vessels may make you at risk for strokes and heart attacks. Compression socks prevent these scenarios as well as make you feel more comfortable when travelling long distances.

Want to make sure that the compression socks you will purchase are the real deal? Count on Home Gym Australia to give you superior-quality options that can help you make sure that your workout routines are safe and effective to maintain your health and fitness. Using substandard compression socks may lead you to more injuries and accidents, so be sure to choose the right size, fit, and type of compression garments.