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The Best High-Quality Dumbbells are at Home Gym Australia

Dumbbells are essential workout equipment that you can see in every fitness space, may it be in a commercial gym or your very own home gym. There are many different ways of using these gym tools, making them versatile and necessary to perform whatever your workout routine may be. To get the best dumbbell set for your gym space at home, visit Home Gym Australia, and we will make sure that your choice will never be wide of the mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dumbbells?
Dumbbells are somehow miniature forms of a barbell. It is a form of gym equipment necessary for weight training and muscle building. These small but effective free weight equipment can be used on each hand, one at a time or as a pair.
What Are The Types of Dumbbells?

Because there are so many ways to use dumbbells, many brands, models, and types are already available in the market. So you would not be overwhelmed when choosing the most suitable equipment for your needs, here are Home Gym Australia’s brief description of each dumbbell type and its use.

Fixed dumbbells

These are the weight training devices you see in gyms and fitness centres that are shaped like regular dumbbells. Most trainers and gym-goers see this type as the easiest to use because the specific weight of the dumbbells is already fixed and is indicated on the side of each weight training device. You can choose between regular fixed dumbbells that have round heads, or hex dumbbells that are made typically of cast iron and shaped with hexagonal heads.

Adjustable dumbbells

These are dumbbells that have the same features as a barbell. The weights on each side of the dumbbell handle can be adjusted depending on your need, use, and preference. It has three main parts, the metal handle, the weight plates, and the lock. Most adjustable dumbbells for sale have compatible weight plates that you can use to add force or pressure on your workout. What is a very good advantage of using adjustable dumbbells for home use is that it saves space on your gym space. With fixed dumbbells, you would have to purchase several pairs so you can advance your weight training. But, with adjustable dumbbells, all you have to do is buy compatible weight plates for your dumbbell handle so you can up the challenge of building and toning your arm muscles.

Kinds of adjustable dumbbells:

Spinlock dumbbells. Probably the most affordable dumbbell in the market nowadays, spinlock type is also the type that deeply resembles a barbell. Consists of a textured handle, weight plates, and spinlock that holds the weights in place.

Bowflex dumbbells. This type of dumbbell is adjustable ones that have a unique locking mechanism on each weight ends. You can buy the set with specific compatible weight plates. All you have to do to change the heaviness of your dumbbell is to place the equipment on the stand and rotate the head. You can have weight settings that range from 10 lbs to 90 lbs using just one dumbbell. Because of this special feature plus its stylish look and overall design, this type of dumbbell is one of the most popular yet the most expensive.

Ironmaster dumbbells. These are adjustable dumbbells that look and feel like fixed ones. One of the fears of using adjustable types is the fact that the weights may become loose and injuries and accidents may happen. But with Ironmaster dumbbells, the built itself looks and feels durable and heavy. This type is preferred by professional weightlifters since it can carry a heavier load, up to 165 pounds apiece.

Are you still confused about what can be ideal dumbbells for you? Call Home Gym Australia, and we will gladly explain to you your choices and offer you the best brands so you can get yours now!

What Are The Advantages of Using Dumbbells?

You may think, what benefits could I get from dumbbells that I cannot get from other weight lifting and training equipment?

It works out your arms and back muscles best. There are different ways to lift dumbbells, but all these steps lead to one goal, and that is for muscle building, strengthening, and toning. We can guarantee you that using dumbbells regularly can help you achieve sexier arms, broader shoulders, and well-defined back faster and safer compared to using barbells.

It is comfortable to use. Dumbbells are very handy, especially fixed ones. You can use it while watching a movie, during your break from work, or even when you are doing other workout exercises.

It is versatile. Use it as a pair or one at a time. Start from the lightest to the heaviest weight you can carry. Use it as an individual workout routine or as an accessory to an advanced workout step (like doing box stepping or jumps with dumbbells in hand).

It is portable. Barbells are heavy and bulky home gym equipment that can be attached to a bench press machine or placed on the floor, but it should stay in one place so as not to create any messy or accident-prone area in your house. Dumbbells are miniature barbells, so you can do your weight training anywhere in your home. As mentioned earlier, you can lift weights while watching TV or Netflix, while on the phone, even when you are just taking a break from work.

It is space-saving. You do not need to design a home gym space that would give importance to where your dumbbells will be placed. These weight training devices can be stored even under your bed. While fixed dumbbells are the easiest to use, adjustable ones may be more space-saving since you only need to but one unit with several weight plates included than purchasing many pairs of dumbbells with specific weights.

It is safer to use. Using a barbell in a bench press machine would require you to have a companion to serve as your spotter to avoid accidental injury while working out. Using dumbbells, however, would not need any help from other people since you can perform your workout independently without risking your safety.

Everyone can use it. Because the weights can be adjusted, anyone from your teenage child to your parents can appreciate the benefits that dumbbells can give to your weight training and strengthening exercises.

Excited to own at least a pair of dumbbells? What are you waiting for! Call our Home Gym Australia hotline so we can suggest and give you an idea on which dumbbell type would fit perfectly to your needs. You can also visit our online store so you can see for yourself the different brands and kinds of dumbbells that we offer, so you can feel assured that we deliver great quality, superior customer service, at very reasonable prices.