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Versatile Gymnastic Rings For Your Personal Use? Get Yours at Home Gym Australia!

If stability, strength, grace, and control are part of your overall fitness goals, trust that gymnastic rings can help you get all those, and more. Head on to Home Gym Australia so you can be sure that only the best options can be given to you when it comes to choosing the best gymnastic rings and other gym equipment and accessories for your fitness haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Gymnastic Rings at Home?

When we think about these rings, we think about athletic competitions where gymnasts and other acrobatic athletes use these to do swings, backflips, pull-ups, and other exhibitions. Using these at home is completely off the table until it became a hype that made it possible for other people to avail of these gymnastic style equipment.

Gymnastic rings are made of two independent rings attached to a sturdy metal frame by two individual straps. The main goal of using the gymnastic rings is to maintain the movement and sway of the rings as you hold onto them. This is an easy-looking goal, but the truth is, it is more difficult that it seems.

What Muscle Groups Are Targeted by Gymnastic Ring Workout?

When using the gymnastic rings, you are working out almost all the muscles in the body, giving yourself full-body conditioning and strengthening workout.

Shoulder and arm muscles. As you hold onto the rings, you have to resist the opposing forces that they make, since both of them are freely moving. As you stabilise your movement and stop the rings from swaying while you raise yourself up and maintain your balance, your shoulder and arm muscles stretch and clench to make these possible. The control and stretch that your arms and shoulders create build the muscles and make them defined and toned.

Back muscles. As you use the gymnastic rings, you also can perform different acrobatic or gymnastic exercises that tighten the back muscles, and you try and stabilise the rings. One has to make sure that the back muscles get worked out as you reach and extend your arms when you carry your weight against the gymnastic rings.

Abdominal muscles. Your core will also be developed as you perform gymnastic routines using the rings. In order to stabilise the trunk and hips during these workout routines, your abdominal muscles work overtime to provide support and control to your upper body.

What Are The Benefits of Using Gymnastic Rings?

Now that gymnastic routines are not specifically only for athletes alone, it is advantageous for us to know what health benefits we can get from doing them at home. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to add exercises using gymnastic rings to your workout routines.

You can work out neglected muscles frequently. Because gymnastic routines are unique, it does not rely heavily on most muscles that you develop using regular exercises. In fact, doing simple pull-ups with a metal bar is easier than doing it with the rings. So if you advance your regular workout routines with using these gymnastic rings, you are bound to develop more muscle fibres from both arms, shoulders, back, and your entire upper body musculature.

They can be placed almost anywhere in your home gym. If you have a complete gym setup in your garage, it is so simple and easy to attach these to the pull up bar, ceiling, or any steady high part of the room. All you have to do is make sure that they will not be easily removed and the base will be able to hold your weight as you use them. Do you have limited gym space? No problem! Just find a strong and stable tree branch or metal beam outside and put the gymnastic rings there, so you can perform your routines without any obstacle or space problem.

Gymnastic rings make you flexible. Notice how gymnasts can bend their arms and body as far as they can without making it look so difficult? That is what gymnastic routines do; they improve the body's range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. Doing so will make you graceful and stable when performing any kind of range of motion activities.

Using gymnastic rings makes you stronger. Do you think gymnastics is easy? Well, think again. Blame that misconception to the grace and flexibility that gymnasts exude when they perform their routines, but these exercises are extremely challenging. It takes strength, discipline, and consistency in order to achieve these. So, you can be sure that when you can use the gymnastic rings appropriately, you will also achieve these additional benefits, not just for your form but also for your overall health and fitness.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ideal Gymnastic Rings

There are different considerations that you would have to think about when you are choosing your ideal gymnastic rings that can address your specific fitness needs.

The space. As mentioned earlier, it is important to determine where you should place your gymnastic rings in the first place. Though they are versatile, you should still consider the surroundings if you are to perform certain gymnastic routines that include movement of your arms and legs.

The material. Gymnastic rings can be made with metal, plastic, or wood. For home use, we do not recommend using metal rings because they do not provide the force or grip that you need to transition from pulling yourself up to hanging under the rings. Plastic rings are also not advisable because they are too smooth and slippery, making you prone to accidents and unnecessary muscle involvement. What we can recommend is the standard wooden gymnastic rings that athletes use in competitions. They can be easily gripped, its material is stable, making your pull-ups as safe and fluid as possible.

Durability. This goes hand-in-hand with the space where you have your home gym and the material that your gymnastic rings are made of. If your home gym is located inside the house, just make sure that the ceiling or the metal bar where you will install it on can handle the force and weight that you will introduce when you use the rings.

How To Set Up Gymnastics Rings In Your Home Gym

Gymnastic rings only need a high and stable beam that you can attach them on so you can perform your pull-ups and other gymnastic or flexibility exercises. The first thing you need to consider is the area. If you prefer to use it indoors, there are gymnastic rings that you can place on doorway pull-up bars or on your power rack overhead beams. You can also mount them on the ceiling or rafters as long as these locations are strong and stable enough to stabilise the gym equipment and the user’s weight. You can ask the expert assistance of our trainers and coaches to determine what part of your home gym you can safely place your rings.

If your chosen space is the outdoors or your garage, make sure that the solid structure that you will choose as the base of your gymnastic rings will stabilise the straps and withstand the ever-changing and unpredictable weather and humidity.

Exercises You Can Do With At-Home Gymnastic Rings

Home Gym Australia listed down a few of the many routines you can perform while using the gymnastic rings at home. We recommend doing these routines consistently throughout your fitness journey, so the benefits that you will reap are in their maximum.

Ring push-ups. Instead of placing your hands, palms down, on the floor, you have to hold the gymnastic rings that are lower a few centimetres above the floor. With your arms straight, try to fold your elbows until you create a 90-degree angle. This is more challenging than the ordinary push-ups since the base with which you support your weight is unstable on its own. So you would have to work extra hard to control the shaking and instability of your arms.

Ring inverted rows. With the rings on the level of your waist, try getting under it while lying face up and reaching for the rings with outstretched arms. As you pull yourself up against the rings, up to the part where your thumbs are touching your chest, make sure that your whole body is in a straight line, without your abs or buttocks curving in or out.

Ring chin-ups. The same principle of doing chin-ups are enforced in this routine. But, instead of doing it with a steel bar, you keep your hands tightly gripping the unstable gymnastic rings. Pull yourself up until your chin reaches the rings, then allow your arms to relax and pull yourself down. The challenge that you will encounter in this exercise is the swaying and unpredictable swinging of the straps, requiring you to exert more pressure and control when pulling yourself up.

Home Gym Australia can offer you different types and sizes of gymnastic rings that could fit your individual flexibility and strength requirements. Contact us, and we will give you expert recommendations and advice on how to take advantage of the many benefits that you can get from this unique piece of home gym equipment.