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This workout equipment may not be necessary to burn calories or let you have a heart-pounding strengthening experience, but that does not mean you do not need it for your home gym. If you are looking for a post-workout machine that would allow you to relax and rejuvenate your tired and sore body, have an inversion table to safely stretch out your tired joints, muscles, and nerves to achieve pain relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Inversion Table?
An inversion table, more commonly known as a brand name called Teeter, is a fitness device that is made of a padded table or surface that is attached to a metal frame that swivels up and down. The way to use the inversion table is to strap yourself securely onto the padded surface, then slowly and carefully inverting the table so that you are upside down, your head lower than your whole body. It may look like you are just being flipped over, but the effects of this action speak volumes in terms of improving your body’s flexibility, decompression, relaxation, and pain relief.
How do Inversion Tables like Teeter Work?

Inversion therapy is what Teeter Hang Ups conceptualises and practices as you perform your routines post-workout. The principal goal of using the best inversion table is to relieve compressed spinal spaces every after fitness workout sessions. Just think of it this way: when you are standing, the gravity naturally pulls down your spinal bones and discs, compressing the nerves and spaces. This is normal, but for some people, this compression causes physical problems like back pain, tingling sensation, numbness, weakness in the lower extremities, and many more. What an inversion table provides is a place for you to ‘decompress’ your spine, reversing the effects of gravity to your back, and stretching the muscles, and the soft tissues that surround the spine. It allows gravity to naturally release the pressure off the nerves in the spinal column since there is already a decent amount of space after each disc.

Inversion tables are indeed a unique contraption that may be developed and manufactured by several companies, but Teeter Inversion Table is the only brand that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that can effectively function as a physiotherapy and fitness device.

Benefits of Having an Inversion Table at Home

Still undecided if getting a Teeter Inversion Table is for you? Let us help you understand the advantages of getting this device as a home gym staple, not just in helping you stay fit but also in assisting you in feeling relax and pain-free after every workout session.

Back Pain Relief

If we haven’t emphasised it enough, using the inversion table like Teeter is beneficial to decompress your spinal bones, releasing any pressure on your nerves and muscles that can be the culprit for your back pain.

Muscle Relaxation

Sometimes, when overexerting effort and challenging yourself to do more during workout sessions, you may unintentionally stress your muscles and strain them. What Teeter Hangups Inversion Table does is to release the tension on the muscles, making you relax and feel relieved after every session.

Posture Improvement

Because your back gets stretched the other way around, your spine becomes realigned, thanks to the best inverted table’s reversed way of using gravity to stretch your spine. People who are having crazy days at work, seating, and slouching in front of their PCs, can go home and take advantage of doing Teeter inversion tables in the comfort of their home.

Blood Circulation Improvement

Have you ever wondered why kids love to hang themselves upside down? Admit it, you did it yourself, right? Remember how the blood rush felt over your head as you are inverted? That is not only a good childhood experience, but it is also a good way to help your heart distribute blood to your upper body. Getting the best inversion table in Australia on your home gym regularly benefits your heart function and oxygen distribution since your blood can efficiently travel across your whole body.

Improvement of Waste Removal from the Spine

Decluttering your home makes it look spacious, fresh, and clean, right? That is the same way inversion tables work with the lymph nodes in the body that are located near the spine. Since using the inversion tables frees up plenty of room in between the spinal bones or discs, the lymphatic system can also improve in clearing away the waste that they have filtered from the body. Having your own Teeter at home can be an instant health booster indeed!

Better Flexibility

As your back becomes straighter and your muscles relax, you may somehow notice that you are becoming more flexible as you regularly use your inversion table. The small movements and adjustments that the device makes for your back make it possible for you to move a bit easier, bending and extending your body freely and with no signs of discomfort.

Now that you are made aware of how great it is to have your own inversion table at home like Teeter Hang Ups, we suggest that you include it as a piece of fitness equipment on your home gym. If you are planning on buying inversion tables in Australia, we suggest asking expert advice and guidance from trainers and fitness coaches who you can find at Home Gym Australia since they have in-depth knowledge of how to use this device and if it is compatible with your needs. We also advise you to talk to your doctor or physiotherapist, if in case you have a pre-existing back or spine condition, and you would want to invest in buying pieces of home gym equipment that would suit your issues and needs. Wondering where to buy the best inversion tables in Australia and if Teeter Hang Ups for a home gym is necessary? Come and visit or call us today. Because you put your trust in Home Gym Australia, we will make sure that your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priorities.