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A lower body counterpart of a chest press, this strength and resistance training machine is favourable for the development of your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Allow Best Home Gym Equipment to show you different brands and models of this excellent home gym equipment so you can choose the best when it comes to benefits and compatibility to your home gym space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Leg Press at Home
Leg press machines are essential pieces of resistance and weight training home gym equipment, so the basic principle of using it is to push the force of the weight plates away from the body. The weights may be located in different areas of the machine, and the goal is to resist the force of the weights to come close to the body, somehow lifting or pushing them with the use of your legs and feet. Your home gym leg press machine targets the major muscles of the lower body, namely the quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.
What Workouts Can I Do With A Home Leg Press Machine?

Because there are so many health and wellness companies and equipment manufacturers that provide their own unit models marketed as the best leg press machine in Australia, it is somewhat confusing to choose which leg press fits your home gym. Here are the three home leg press machine types that you can consider, so it’s easier for you to decide which addresses and meets your needs and preferences.

Horizontal Leg Press. Of the three types of leg presses at home, this one is the easiest to use. The mechanism of this type is parallel to the floor, letting you sit upright like how you use the seated chest press machine. The weights are positioned either under or in front of the machine, attached to pedals where you will put your feet on and push as your knees straighten up. What is great about this home gym equipment is that though it looks bulky initially, it does not occupy plenty of space. One reason is that it can be attached to other pieces of home gym equipment that you have, like your bench press or chest press machines. It is also an affordable investment, making your fitness goals reachable and ideal.

Vertical Leg Press. This piece of equipment looks like the typical bench press appliances we see in commercial gyms. The difference is that the bench presses use barbells with detachable weight plates on either side and has a knee-height padded cushion for the user to lie on. The vertical leg press machine uses metal bars to hold weight plates, and the padded cushion where you lie down on is almost flat on the ground. The concept of this leg press type is to lift the weights away from the body using your legs while lying down. Also, a space-saver and a budget-friendly leg press machine type, the only consideration that you need to think about is the safety of using the machine when you have a pre-existing back or spine condition.

45-degree Leg Press. This leg press type almost looks like the horizontal leg press but with a slight incline when it comes to the resistance of the weights. Some fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who have home gyms with leg press machines claim that this is the most comfortable type to use since the incline makes it safer to push the weights without exerting too much effort of the back.

How to Choose the Ideal Leg Press Machine for Home Use

It may sound as if leg press machines should not be part of your home gym appliances because they are bulky and an item of unnecessary expenditure. Some may say you can just perform squats, jogging, lunges, and burpees to develop your leg muscles. However, having a high-quality home gym equipment that specifically your targets leg muscles can be more beneficial since doing it on your own does not guarantee that you are exercising efficiently. Furthermore, advancing your workout routines can be more effective and doable with the adjustable weights and repetitions that you can do with a reliable home leg press machine. Because we, at Home Gym Australia, are willing to guide you in getting the most suitable leg press type and model, here are some of the reminders that you need to remember when getting one.

Consult your doctor or fitness coach. Exercise and fitness workouts are important in maintaining your overall health and wellness, but your safety should always be your priority. Using different types of home gym equipment may be necessary to perform these workouts, but you have to make sure that the extent of using them would not cause any damage or strain in your body. Make sure that your doctor or fitness coach approves of the type and model of home gym machines, like your home leg press, so that using it would not overstress your back or legs.

Check for compatibility. There are leg press machines for sale that are compatible with a home gym equipment set. Think about the advantages of buying a set when it comes to your budget and home space because a whole set with compatible weights adjusted by cables and pedals can definitely save you extra money and will not be as bulky compared to an individual home leg press machine.

Need more information about choosing your leg press machine for home use? Visit or contact Home Gym Australia for assistance and reliable fitness advice.