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Need a Massage Ball? All the Best Brands and Sizes are at Home Gym Australia!

Working out does not mean you only need to have bulky pieces of gym equipment and the best gym accessories. The tools to stretch and relax the muscles before and after a workout are also necessary, so you would feel capable and energised to consistently work out. This is the very reason why a reliable home gym equipment online store like Home Gym Australia should not only provide world-class gym machines. They should also have available high-quality relaxation and flexibility tools like massage balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Massage Balls?

Massage balls are great fitness accessories that facilitate mobilisation and stretching of specific muscles that become sore during a workout session. These balls of different sizes, texture, and firmness are helpful in targeting muscle tightness and discomfort to alleviate them and let you relax and recover from a tiring workout.

Types of Massage Balls

What’s good about massage balls is that they are portable, versatile, and easy to store. You can bring them anywhere, use them all over the body, and store them easily out of sight. But what are the kinds of massage balls that you can get for your home gym?

Standard foam or rubber massage balls. These are the different-sized massage balls that have names depending on their shape and size. Most popular names include golf balls, tennis balls, lacrosse balls, and large massage balls.

Peanut-shaped foam balls. These massage balls resemble two balls fused together to form a peanut or 8-shaped massage foam. Most physiotherapists and fitness coaches recommend using this on your lower and upper back for relaxation and deep tissue kneading.

Spiky massage balls. If you want to feel pinpoint pressure when doing the massage, then you may want to opt for a spiky ball. The spikes add extra stimulation to your tired and sore muscles and make the ball firmly attached to the floor as you continuously roll over it.

Roller balls. For shoulder massage, it is quite hard to use a standard massage ball since it is difficult to find a comfortable position where you can let the ball roll over your shoulder blades. This is what roller balls are for. Somehow resembling the head of a roll-on deodorant, this massage ball has a handle that you can use to hold onto the balls while kneading your stiff shoulders.

To fully save money, Home Gym Australia offers some brands and models of massage balls that are sold in a set, so you would not purchase them individually. Contact us, and we will give you more information about this awesome deal.

How Do You Use a Massage Ball?

The main factor that you would need to consider in using and choosing your massage ball is the body part that you want to target. The size of the ball is determined by the size of the body part and muscle, and the ball texture relies on how hard or soft the massage pressure you would want to apply to your body. Once you find a part that you want to stretch or massage, find a comfortable position, place the ball under that body part, and slowly apply pressure so the ball can knead your muscles. Do this for a few minutes with appropriate intervals until you feel that the muscles are loose and the discomfort is alleviated.

What Body Parts Can You Use the Massage Balls With?

When working out, it is reasonable and expected to feel knots and tightness form in the muscles all over the body. While most gym-goers would recommend going to a physiotherapist or sports medicine doctor so they can alleviate the pain, some would complain that they either have no time to go get an appointment with these specialists, or they would rather stay at home and do something about it on their own. They would rather rely on the effective benefits of either a foam roller or massage balls. Using either of the two can give you the benefits of deep tissue massage. Though the manipulations may be a bit uncomfortable for some, the overall effect of these treatments can diminish any discomfort and muscle tightening that can hinder them from consistently perform their workout routines. Here are the common body parts that can benefit from using a massage ball.

  • Back (Divided into upper, mid, lower portions)
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Calves
  • Legs
  • Foot

If you are unsure as to how you would use the massage balls to relieve your body pain, contact Home Gym Australia so our gym consultants and trainers can give you reliable advice and tips.

What Factors Should You Look for When Choosing a Massage Ball?

It may sound easy to choose and buy massage balls, but if you do not know where and how to use them, it may become an unnecessary expense. Here are tips that Home Gym Australia can give you when planning on buying massage balls for your fitness nook.

The size. As we mentioned earlier, it is important that you know what body part would need massaging. The positioning of the ball would rely on the body surface where you would use it. For smaller areas, like the hand, foot, or arm, a massage ball the size of a golf ball is appropriate. Your neck, back, legs and calves may require massage balls the size of a lacrosse or tennis ball. A large massage ball may be intended for massaging your hips, buttocks, shoulders, and even your whole back.

The weight and firmness. Stability is another important factor that you should consider when using a massage ball. Because you are placing your weight on top of the ball, there is a possibility that it may slip and cause you to fall flat with your body hitting the floor. So, just a tip: if you are going to use a massage ball by applying heavy pressure for your back, arms, or legs, for instance, choose a solid ball instead of a hollow one that is intended for hand and foot use.

The shape. The rounder the massage ball, the easier it is for you to move them around the sore muscle. It is recommended that you find a ball that can apply appropriate pressure to the body surface surrounding the achy muscle and not directly on it, so you would not develop further discomfort.

The texture. Most gym consultants and trainers would say that massage balls with spikes can do very little benefit when compared to smooth round ones. Yes, they can stimulate the muscle with pinpoint pressures compared to the deep tissue kneading the smooth massage balls deliver, but the pressure and relief are just the same. The only advantage that you can get from textured or spiky massage balls would be its floor grip since it is harder for these balls to slip.

>The temperature. There are massage balls that you can change the temperature depending on your use. Hot or cold massage balls are becoming a thing now, but most gym experts would rather hot massage balls as they would offer relaxing deep pressure stimulation that makes the muscles relax and loosen after a tiring workout. Although this is not a necessary factor, if you are looking for an extra feature, choosing a massage ball that offers this option is not bad at all.

Are you really decided to complete your home gym setup with different sizes of massage balls? Then come and visit Home Gym Australia’s online store and get a hold of the best brands and models of massage balls that would perfectly suit your needs.