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Get Your Dependable Massage Stick for your Home Gym

We all have felt it before—tired, sore muscles after a day’s workout. Stretching before and after every exercise session helps and is a great way to ease joint and muscle fatigue after an exhausting workout or busy day at work. Doing it on your own, however, may not be as effective since hitting the right areas can be a challenge. This is what a massage stick is for; it is a tool to help you release the muscle tension on hard-to-reach body areas. Best Home Gym Equipment carries some of the best brands and models of massage sticks to keep you relieved and comfortable all throughout your daily exercise routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a massage stick?
We have heard a lot about different tools and machines that we can get to help us stay active and fit in the comfort of our home. However, there really is that worry in all of us that after every workout session, we will feel tired and aching, unable to get on with our day and be productive. This is the reason why gym trainers and consultants often encourage their clients to purchase a tool that lets them relieve tension post-workout. One of the most common and effective relaxation devices available in the market nowadays is the massage stick.

A massage stick is a handy muscle roller stick that can be used before or after exercise. Often called a roller stick or massage roller, this piece of relaxation tool typically has two rubberised handles with a rolling spindle in the middle dedicated to warm up, cool down, or relax the muscles before or after your workout. Because of their effectiveness, they are frequently recommended by physiotherapists, massage specialists, professional sports coaches, athletes, and gym trainers to be used before or after a game or a gym or rehab session.

How is a massage stick different from a foam roller?
A foam roller is another type of massage tool that you can get for your home gym. Although they offer the same results, the way they provide pain relief as well as joint and muscle relaxation differs. 

Appearance. Massage sticks look, obviously, like long sticks or rods with a moveable centre, and they vary in length; foam rollers look like logs or big cylinders with different textures and sizes. 

Material. Foam rollers are, yes, typically made of soft materials that make self-myofascial release technique (SMR) possible. Massage stick, on the other hand, tends to use harder materials and has rubberised handles on both ends. 

Use. Most people use a foam roller by lying on the floor and placing their bodies on top of the roller. This allows them to apply pressure to their targeted muscles with the help of the hardness of the ground. A muscle roller or massage stick is used while sitting down or standing up, utilising the two handles on either side that you hold onto, and then rolling the stick up and down over the area you wish to massage and relax. In simpler terms, a foam roller uses your own body weight to roll out tight spots, while you use your hands to apply the pressure with a muscle roller stick.

Target areas. Massage sticks are best used for smaller muscle groups, like your calves, arms, or shoulders. Foam rollers are dedicated to relieving tension from major muscle areas, like the back, your legs, and glutes. Deep tissue massage? Here we go!

How do you use a massage stick?
As we mentioned earlier, massage sticks are comprised of two handles, and a muscle roller in the middle made typically with hard material. To utilise this massage roller stick, grip both ends firmly. Start rubbing the muscle roller up and down along the muscles of your target area, and apply pressure with your arms. You may want to start putting pressure lightly at first because some users tend to complain of discomfort. But as you get used to the force, the relief you are aiming for follows. Just a reminder: try to avoid using your massage stick to bony areas of the body, for it will surely cause pain.

What are the benefits of using a massage stick?
If you are still hesitant about the importance of having a massage stick in your home gym, here are the advantages that you can get when you add using this muscle roller in your daily workout routine.

Muscle flexibility. Because you are rolling out and stretching the different muscles in the body, the joints and muscle fibres stretch and are less likely to shorten or tighten.

Improve blood circulation. As you massage your tight muscles, the blood vessels that become constricted opens up, allowing blood to flow freely in and out, preventing and minimising swelling, redness, tightness, and pain.

Prevents further injuries. Using the massage stick before a workout session stabilises the muscles, warming them up so they would not be tight while doing your exercises. 

Enhance your performance. Dealing with pain and just thinking about it makes us function less than our full potential. If you know that there is a tool that you can use to combat pain and fatigue after every strenuous exercise, you will more likely be eager to assert more effort and push yourself to reach your fitness goals. 

It is for everyone. Who says massage sticks and muscle rollers are only for professional athletes? As long as you want to improve your health by having an active lifestyle that includes working out, having a massage roller at home is ideal. You can even use it without going to the gym. Working from home? Massage those tired shoulder and arm muscles using your massage stick, and start feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead! Contact Best Home Gym Equipment so we can hook you up with the best brand and model of massage stick that will suit your needs.