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Master Total Body Strength and Flexibility With A Pilates Chair

Like yoga, pilates uses diverse equipment and tools to optimise the effects of each movement. These additions to the pilates exercises have a primary role in making a routine easier or more challenging. One of these innovations in pilates is the pilates chair. This pilates machine supports most of the fundamental movements and complicated steps in pilates exercises. Also known as a Wunda chair or combo chair, this type of pilates machine looks exactly like a wooden box. With a cushion padding at the surface, it enables pilates exercises in a sitting or supine position. Besides, with the different ways to utilise the pilates chair, you get to engage the various muscles in the body. The pilates chair even has a set of resistance to give more challenge to the exercise. From rehabilitation treatment to improving strength and enhancing sports performance, the wunda chair boosts the effects of pilates.

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Get on with your pilates right away when you use the pilates chair. Much more, the wunda chair is ideal for people of any ages. Even when you are performing pilates by following through a video, the pilates chair is the perfect tool for every starter. Also, its straightforward design even makes it less intimidating than other pilates equipment you will find. Pilates Australia got every pilates needs you have in mind. Whether you are looking for a more comprehensive or simple pilates machine, we have the right options for you. By sourcing from established manufacturers, we get to offer top-notch and celebrated pilates equipment. Among the many that we provide are Resista, DMA, and Peak products. Visit our product page now and receive your pilates chair right away with our speedy delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pilates chair?
Aside from the pilates chair is way more compact than the other tools, it also confers resistance. With springs and handles on the pilates chair, you could go extreme or mild on your pilates exercises. Since the combo chair has a small footprint, it is common in pilates studios and suitable in a small apartment or room. The positive impacts of the pilates chair give rise to the different types of this pilates machine. Here are the different kinds of combo chair you will find in the market or studio:

  • Wunda Chair. Commonly interchanged with the term pilates chair, the Wunda chair has the standard dimensions and designs of the ordinary pilates chair. This pilates machine has a padded resistance that is either continuous or split down in the middle. The split pedal allows for the rotational and reciprocal movements. With the padded top of the box, you get to perform balanced pilates exercises. The wunda chair also facilitates numerous types of exercise that target multiple muscles in the body.
  • Pilates High Chair. With almost the same look as the electric chair, people also refer to the pilates high chair as such. With a base that exactly looks like a wunda chair, you could also add resistance to your training using the pilates high chair. More so, compared to the wunda chair, it has a backrest that sometimes comes with a padded cushion as well. The backrest will serve as a sturdy support to maintain aligned back and spine when doing pilates. Also, the pilates high chair has a pair of long side handles that add variations to the pilates exercises.
  • Pilates Arm Chair. Unlike the other two types, the pilates arm chair is less common and widespread. With a padded backrest and seat, the pilates arm chair looks like a fusion of the other two types. But, the pilates arm chair has an adjustable backrest at different angles. This type of pilates machine also has a pair of handles to provide variations to arm routines. However, the pilates arm chair is less common in studios and classes. But it serves as an excellent tool for instructors to easily correct positions.


Even with the different types of pilates chairs, they all serve the optimum tension and support when doing the exercise. Whether you perform pilates in a standing, supine, or sitting position, the pilates chair will be able to support your routines. Usually made of wood, this pilates machine is a total must-have in your home gym or fitness area. Shop for your wunda chair at now and get into fitness right away!

What are the benefits I will get from a pilates chair?
When you own such a versatile and valuable pilates machine, you guarantee more than just flexibility. Hence, there is no doubt of you reaching the heights of your pilates exercises. Here are the reasons why you should shop for a wunda chair right away:

  • The pilates chair is convenient and accessible. Start your pilates exercises right away when you have a combo chair in your home. With a pilates machine that is always a few steps away from your room, sticking to your routines is effortless. Besides, the pilates chair often comes with a small footprint. Hence, you don’t need to allocate much space for your machine. 
  • The pilates chair engages the whole body. Activate the numerous muscle groups, big and small, in your body with a wunda chair. Even with its straightforward design, using the combo chair means serious stretching and pilates exercises. From the shoulders and down to the legs, the combo chair has the perfect systems to support your workout. With the resistant pedals and padded cushion, you could even engage muscles for strength or functional training. Again, you will not only improve on flexibility using this pilates machine but also on strength, stability and mobility.
  • The pilates chair allows total control. Set the pace and difficulty of your pilates exercises when you use the wunda chair. What makes this pilates machine even more remarkable is its capacity to give you the freedom during the routine. Unlike the regular workout machine, the wunda chair does not have a weighted load. You only get to face the resistance of the springs. Hence you have the control on the intensity of the pilates. 
  • The pilates chair improves balance and posture. Maintain the upright and ergonomic posture with the effects of the pilates chair on back and spine. Besides, this pilates machine enhances balance. Hence, you strengthen and engage the core and back muscles responsible for supporting a proper posture. But, if you prefer more stable support for your back, you could always opt for a pilates high chair. This type of combo chair has a backrest to give more assistance to the user.
  • The pilates chair supports versatile routines. Avoid monotonous and dull pilates exercises by adding the wunda chair to your pilates essentials. Unlike the trapeze or reformer, the wunda chair has a relatively compact structure. Through its portable dimension, it is easier to carry to different locations in your home or outdoor. More so, it facilitates supine, sitting, and standing yoga exercises. With these variable workouts, you could execute a series of steps without repeating a single one. 
  • The pilates chair enhances athletic performance. Success in your professional matches by incorporating the pilates chair in your training. Not only will this pilates machine improve muscle strength but also power. Compared to pilates reformer, the wunda chair offers more effective strength training. With the resistance pedal and the handles, you improve limit and endurance. The intensity and challenging routines in a combo chair will mould your body to be competition-ready.

Although a chair may be the last thing to come into your mind when it comes to pilates, this equipment will make you think twice. With the various options on types of the pilates chair and the diverse selections on types and features, you can even have intense exercise. Visit and get your fitness corner a pilates chair right away.

Where can I shop for a pilates chair for sale in Australia?
With the total body effect of the combo chair, buying one becomes a priority. Besides, with its effect to boost different training, shopping for a pilates chair is worth the investment. Although securing quality and design are primary buying decisions, you should also ensure a trustworthy source for your wunda chair. With vast options, Pilates Australia is the best store when it comes to any pilates dilemma. We offer branded and affordable pilates equipment like Resista, DMA, and Peak products. Visit now and discover superior selections every pilates equipment. Whether you are into toning arms and legs or building core strength, the wunda chair should be able to support your routine. With Pilates Australia, you get to have a wunda chair that is designed not only for comfort but for long-lasting use as well. Shop today!