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Stretch Your Body Perfectly on a Pilates Reformer

What is Pilates Reformer? Does is it offer convenience for me who does body fitness at home? Can it give me a more challenging and effective way of doing Pilates? Curious of what is a Pilates Reformer? Let me take you on a journey on how it works and the benefits it gives to your body. Pilates Reformer, developed by Joseph Pilates, is the most popularly recommended pilates equipment when you visit a pilates studio, or on a gym or even for home fitness. A Pilates reformer is a modifiable bed-like frame type of fitness equipment that consists of a portable carriage that is attached to several springs. These springs offer a different level of resistance whenever you push or pull yourself on the carriage. This type of pilates equipment also has a footbar, straps with handles, that can be used either by hands or legs. And it also has shoulder blocks that prevent you from sliding off of this fitness equipment. Pilates reformer is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that allows the body to improve an individual’s balance, flexibility and strength through a wide range of exercises. You can hover on the shoulder blocks or even at the foot bar, stand, sit or lay down, or pulling or pushing the straps while using this pilates machine. Combining the Pilates reformer to other fitness equipment means that with various exercises, the different parts of the body can be covered by this pilates equipment.

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Pilates Machine Australia offers the best and budget-friendly Pilates Reformer equipment you can find in Australia. We ensure that the materials used for our fitness equipment are well inspected by our trusted experts and would not cause any harm to the individuals who are using it. Beginners, veterans, gym and pilates studio owners or even you who wishes to have a home fitness studio, can choose from our wide variety of pilates reformers that would fit each individual’s preferences and that includes the sizes, heights and styles. If you would rather work out at home, we have the most affordable and space saver pilates equipment available. And whether you are still a beginner or a pro, Pilates Machine Australia has a wide variety selection of Pilates reformers for you to choose from. If you want to inquire of the Resista, DMA and Peaked products that we offered, you can visit the website of the Pilates Machine Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits offered by Pilates Reformer?

  • One of the proven benefits of a Pilates reformer is the effectiveness of it to improve one’s body awareness. As well as improving the pelvic and spinal alignment in your body. On that note, these benefits help you in executing exercises without exerting too much pressure on your muscles and joints. In addition, Pilates reformer helps in treating individuals who suffer from groin and hamstring strains. And can also help in preventing lower back pains.
  • Pilates reformer is best for individuals who want to achieve good posture and core stability. Having a good posture increases an individual’s self-confidence and self-love. And by using the Pilates reformer, you can correct your body posture and even learn to love yourself and be confident in facing and interacting with other people. Moreover, with you having a good posture, you could also achieve strong core stability. One example is having less of your body that touches the carriage. In this way, the pilates exercises are way harder and that it requires you to support more of your body weight. It also requires you to have more control of your body and the equipment being used from the core. All in all, the stronger the core, the better the balance, posture and well-being that you gain.
  • It improves one’s focus means that through using the Pilates reformer, your attention to things or situation will improve. As you aspire on the desired goal, you will learn how to focus on reaching that goal. And with that, you could also use this newfound skill in accomplishing new goals and even with your day to day endeavours.  
  • Another benefit that an individual can gain from using the Pilates reformer is the calmness of one’s mind. One of the reasons why people resort to doing body fitness is because they want to clear their minds from stresses in everyday lives. Going to pilates studios, gym or even on your own home fitness studio, you could relieve your stresses by using the Pilates reformer. With the right fitness equipment, that is easy to use and handy and quiet surroundings, you could gain much-needed tranquillity in your life. 
  • Through the Pilates reformer, you can enhance your range of motion that also results in the increase of flexibility and body strength. If you’re a beginner or a pro and you want to build your strength, then using this fitness equipment will achieve your goal. Pilates reformer helps you achieve your goal to have toned buttocks, flat abs, firm thighs and a strong back. Even though other fitness equipment can give you those results, but for the pilates reformer, it can give you a unique and varied exercise environment.

Why buy from Pilates reformer Australia?
Pilates Machine Australia is on a mission to provide you with an entertaining and satisfying workout where you could release some of the stresses in life. To make this into reality, we have scoured all of Australia to give you the best options for your Pilates reformer. Our sales team have also teamed up with the esteemed manufacturers of Pilates reformer to ensure that it will give you a long-lasting enjoyment of your home fitness equipment. We also take pride in our incomparable customer service. With numerous representatives always on standby to answer your queries and clear all the doubts in your mind about the Pilates reformer for sale at Pilates Machine Australia, you’ll surely be accommodated in no time. Our representatives have been given substantial information on every Pilates reformer available in our online shopping centre. You will undoubtedly have your answer after the call.

How do I order my Pilates reformer?

Shopping at Pilates Machine Australia is quite simple.

  • Select the Pilates reformer of your choice. Make sure that it can fit into your home, and has most of the preferences you would want to have in your home pilates studio.
  • You can choose to continue shopping or go directly to checkout.
  • Fill in the billing details as well as specific order notes that you would want our courier to do.
  • We accept credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. You can also pay thru afterpay and pay in four instalments for 6 weeks.
  • You will receive an email notification for your purchase to the email address you provided when checking out as well as the delivery details.

When will my Pilates reformer arrive if I order today?
Don’t wait too long. Your Pilates reformer will arrive at your home within 48 to 72 hours. We have multiple warehouses all over down under that fulfilling your request for a Pilates reformer will be easy peasy. Rest assured that your Pilates reformer will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom when it reaches your doors. It will undergo a routine inspection a day before it is scheduled to be shipped out. Your Pilates reformer is delivered by our competent couriers who have designated reliable personnel to handle your equipment. They have been trained to handle such delicate cargos and thus are capable of transporting your equipment with TLC and without a single nick or scratch.

Does my Pilates reformer come with a warranty?
Yes, you will be entitled to the manufacturer’s warranty for your Pilates reformer. To make things easier for you, we can process the registration of your equipment on the manufacturer’s registration page. That way, you only need to ask for our help when you need to claim for warranty. The copy of your registration and the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions will be delivered together with your equipment. As your excellent customer service online shop, we offer repairs and maintenance for your Pilates reformer when things go array at times. Our technicians will be there in an instant when you need them. Just give us a call on our Contact Us numbers, and we will be there to fix your Pilates reformer.