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Get The Best Power Towers Here at Home Gym Australia!

A power tower is a piece of very useful gym equipment that you can have at home. You can use this exercise machine for your strength training, weight loss, and core strengthening exercises. When you think that improving your strength and built can only be made in commercial gyms, several gym equipment manufacturers thought of ways that can make their products compact and fit in a home setting. This way, anyone who needs gym equipment to stay active and fit can still have one in the comfort of their home. Get top-of-the-line exercise machines and gym equipment at Home Gym Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Power Tower?
Also called a knee raise station or a captain’s chair, this unique gym equipment allows the user to build upper body strength. Not only that, while doing upper body exercises, one can also develop their core and abdominal strength.
How Do You Use the Power Tower?

If you haven’t seen a power tower before, this is the two tall steel curved posts with armrests and vertical handles on each end that you see in commercial gyms and public fitness centres. Some product models have backrest for support and safety purposes. Wondering how you should use a power tower? First, stand in the middle of the two curve posts and rest your forearms on the horizontal handles. Start lifting your lower body off the ground, with the pressure resting on your arms. This focuses the work out on your core, abs, and your arms, chest, and back muscles. If you look up, you see a bar that connects the two curved posts. You can use this as a pull-up or chin-up bar. At the bottom of this gym equipment, you can also see two handles that you can use for push-ups. See how versatile this machine can be? As a recap, here are the home gym exercises that you can perform using this power tower:

  • Vertical knee raises
  • Hanging pikes
  • ¾ sit-ups
  • Shoulder taps
  • Scissor kicks
  • Squats
  • Modified row exercises
  • Deep or Atlas Push-ups
  • Tricep dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
What Are The Benefits of Having a Power Tower?

It is for everyone. A power tower may look intimidating at first, but because you can perform several exercises using this gym equipment, doing one as a beginner is possible. For instance, try knee raises for the first few days, then add pull-ups and chin-ups while you are at it. On days when you have more energy, add push-ups to your workout routine. What’s great is that you can do all this with just one gym machine, the power tower.

It works out several muscle groups. With just one gym equipment, you can already have an almost full-body workout. Using the power tower, you can pay much-needed attention to your abdominal, arms, chest, shoulders, and back muscles.

It saves space. Because it can perform several gym exercises using one equipment alone, you do not need more bulky and heavy workout machines. What also great about this is that the whole machine does not require much space.

It is versatile. Aside from the many workout exercises that you can perform when using your home power tower, you can also add some accessories to it so you can get the most out of your fitness investment. Try attaching resistance or support bands, so you can make pull-ups easier for you or your family.

It saves money. This does not mean that power towers are cheap. But, if you think about the many ways this gym equipment can serve you and your fitness goals, choosing the purchase the best-quality power tower is really worth it. And, if you are to compare $30 annual gym memberships to a $150 power tower, for example, you can definitely feel burdened by the one-time spending. However, the benefits you can get from it does not have an expiration, and you can enjoy them anytime you want.

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