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Get Your Recumbent Bike at Home Gym Australia

recumbent bike

Exercise bikes are definitely part of everyone’s idea of a good cardio workout. With a home gym that houses the most suitable recumbent bike to address your strength and fitness ideals, let Home Gym Australia help you make your goals feasible and your health improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recumbent Bike: Difference with an Upright Stationary Bike

What is a recumbent bike? This is a type of stationary exercise bike that allows the user to recline and rest his back on a backrest while biking. While it still performs the same functions of an exercise bike, here are their difference based on comfort, performance, and intensity.

Recumbent bikes are more comfortable to use. It has arm and backrests so the user can use the machine with lesser discomfort to the back and arms. It also has the largest bike seat, something that most bikers complain about because of the discomfort they feel when exercising with a bike.

It makes cardio exercises worthwhile. We all know how important cardio workouts are when it comes to your fitness. When you feel uncomfortable while exercising, you tend to put it off for a different activity, or sometimes, you do not perform your routines anymore. If you are using a home gym exercise equipment that promotes comfort together with function, it becomes easier for you to comply and become consistent with your workout routines.

It is recommended for users with back and spine problems. Because the back is well-supported with recumbent bikes, users with current or previous back injuries can still benefit from doing exercise biking as their cardio workout.

It is more focused on lower body exercise. Your legs and the muscles of your hips, legs, and calves take the most stress and tension when performing your cardio workout using the recumbent bike, compared to the full-body workout that you can get from a traditional upright bike.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Recumbent Bike?

What can you get when you workout with a recumbent bike? Many studies may deceive you into thinking that you work out lesser with a recumbent bike than a treadmill or elliptical machine, and we cannot blame you for that. By the looks of it alone, you can definitely benefit more from a full-body workout that other cardio machines provide than a more subtle recumbent bike. But what advantages are we having with this type of home gym equipment?

It is good for your back. While many would prefer working out their whole body by performing all-out cardio and resistance training in their exercise sessions, some are not allowed to do so. Although they would want to work out intensely, gym-goers with problems on their back and spine may benefit from the appropriate stress and exercise that recumbent bikes provide.

It is a low-impact exercise. It is never wrong to be good to your joints and back while working out. Biking while reclined and supported in the back, your joints will experience less tension from the effort that you exert while cycling.

It is convenient. Using stationary cardio machines like a recumbent bike makes it convenient and hassle-free for you to work out and maintain your health and fitness. No excuses may be valid for you to skip working out since all you need to stay active and fit are inside your own house.

It is for everyone. There are some cardio machines or pieces of gym equipment that look intimidating; not the recumbent bike. Even first-time users will find the machine easy to use, and anyone in your family can perform their cardio workout without feeling confused and scared.

Muscles Targeted By Recumbent Bikes

One thing that makes cardio workout the best is its effect on the health of your heart and lungs, hence, its name. it makes your heart pound faster and more regularly, improving your blood circulation, expands your lung capacity, allowing your body to be nourished with oxygen-rich blood. Not only that, here are some of the main muscle groups that benefit from using a recumbent bike.

Quads. The muscles on your thigh that are responsible for your hip movement get their dose of exercise, allowing your hips to improve knee, leg, and hip stability, flexion, and range of motion.

Hamstrings. Together with your quads, these muscles let you perform lower body activities better, whether it be walking, running, standing, squatting, etc. Gluteal muscles. Well, let us not forget about your buttocks. With strong buttock muscles, you can perform hip and other lower body movements gracefully without losing your core strength and balance.

If you want to get your recumbent bike now, visit and contact Home Gm Australia so you can be sure of the quality and efficiency of the home gym equipment that you will purchase. Recumbent bikes for sale at Home Gym Australia are guaranteed world-class and reasonably-priced, to make sure that everyone’s satisfaction is reached with every purchase.