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When executing aggressive workout routines and exercises, the possibility of straining the muscles and injuring joints is always a given. This is where RockTape®, the number one kinesiology tape, becomes an essential part of your safety and comfort during your fitness activities. Let Best Home Gym Equipment supply you with all the right information about this gym necessity for your health and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kinesiology Tape?
Kinesiology tape is a fairly new gym and fitness accessory relative to the safety and comfort of athletes and gym-goers while performing their usual workout routines and exercises. Taping major body parts used in working out provides support and comfort throughout your gym session, boosting your confidence and allowing you to push further and improve your performance.

How does RockTape® work?
Just like any other kinesiology tape, RockTape® has many helpful purposes during your workout, activity, or competition, mainly for joint support, muscle stability, and pain relief. The available RockTape® in Australia has several different sizes and shapes that are suitable for specific body parts. This fact makes it is easy to help you feel secure that whatever activity or exercise you are going to perform, a specific RockTape® can provide the stability and safety that you need.

What are the Benefits of Using RockTape®?
If you are wondering what a kinesiology tape, particularly RockTape®, can offer you while working out, here are the popular exercise advantages, whether you are performing your workout routines at home or participating as a professional in any sports competition.

It provides pain relief. You must have doubts about how a simple elastic tape can help you relieve pain when doing rigorous exercises that stress the muscles. However, RockTape® has a simple explanation as to how it can aid in achieving comfort instead of pain while working out. As the elastic RockTape® gets worn, its main action is to separate your skin to the underlying tissues and muscles where our pain receptors are located. So, as you stretch and exert effort in performing your strenuous activities, your brain gets spared from the pain triggers and instead receives the signal that your skin feels taut and pulled. Genius. 

It reduces the swelling. RockTape® in Australia has been marketed as a supportive and rehabilitative elastic tape. This product has been encouraged by health professionals and gym experts to be used before attaining an injury as a preventative measure, and after an injury or accident that can cause pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. If you are prescribed to use this popular kinesiology tape to help you reduce the inflammation of your injured body part, you may wonder how it will work. Well, RockTape®, as mentioned earlier, lifts the skin away from the internal tissues in the body. This allows the blood vessels to accommodate better circulation of the blood, preventing swelling.  Wearing RockTape®  also allows the lymph nodes to freely clean their way in and out of the muscles so that toxins that can cause swelling may lessen and pain can be eased. 

It combats fatigue. Rehabilitation experts and physiotherapists who have been prescribing kinesiology tape, particularly RockTape®, on their patients have commented that utilising these elastic tapes correctly has shown a considerable decrease in subjective complaints regarding weakness and discomfort during therapy sessions. Patients maintain a sense of relief and confidence to move when using this high-quality kinesiology tape correctly.

It provides support and relaxes the stress in the body. You may think that putting elastic tapes on the body restricts it from movement and limits your function. Although that notion cannot be negated, RockTape® has proven its function is to aid in providing comfort and support even while in motion. When this kinesiology tape is applied to a body part, it is meant to give you the freedom to move rather than restricting you. It is elastic enough to accommodate even the most strenuous movement that you would perform, without triggering or concentrating the stress or pressure on a specific joint or muscle. RockTape® helps distribute the load to the whole muscle group so that strain and other injuries can be avoided.

It aids in correcting your posture. Once you correctly applied the RockTape® on your back, shoulders, arms, legs, or sides, stretching them helps you stay aware that your form may be wrong, or your posture may be rounded or poor. Every unnecessary tug of the kinesiology tape is meant to be a warning for you to correct your posture. This helps you maintain a straight back when lifting weights, or doing different exercises and workout routines to strengthen, condition, and improve muscle resistance.

What makes RockTape® the Ultimate Kinesiology Tape?
Here are some more things that you need to know about RockTape® so you can be convinced that this brand is the right one for you.

  • It is suits all types of skin. It is made of 97% cotton and 3% nylon with acrylic adhesive, so it is hypoallergenic and definitely gentle on the skin.
  • RockTape® is not just recommended by gym expert trainers for your fitness workouts, but it is also prescribed for medical purposes like rehab and physical therapy.
  • It is an elastic tape that addresses both the prevention and alleviation of joint pain, muscle cramps, strains, or sprains, bad posture, or swelling. 
  • It has several sizes, colours, and designs, but the elasticity, quality, and function stay the same.
  • Its flexibility and stretchiness can last for 3 to 5 days. Once applied to the body, it is water-resistant, and wetness will not easily affect the stickiness of the product.
  • For swimmers or those professional athletes and gym-goers who sweat a lot, RockTape® H2O can efficiently address their kinesiotape needs.

Why should I Choose RockTape®?
Of all the different brands of kinesiology tapes in the country and all over the world, why should you, a regular gym-goer, or a professional athlete choose RockTape®? Well, not to brag, but as a South Korean product, RockTape® has undergone several quality checks and has passed certifications and accreditations to claim that it is one of the best kinesiotape brands for joint support and pain relief. It has won the hearts and trust of many professional athletes, fitness trainers, gym consultants, and physiotherapists as an effective way to support the joints, stabilise the muscles, and prevent injuries. With its different sizes, shapes, and colours, you can expect that RockTape® can definitely provide the safety, comfort, and freedom that you need when working out.

Why should I get my RockTape® from Best Home Gym Equipment?
Best Home Gym Equipment is one of the most reliable online fitness machines and accessories suppliers that houses only the brands and products that come from top-class manufacturers. We offer tried-and-tested superior-quality brands and models of gym machines and accessories that have proven to be effective, efficient, and safe to use in the comfort of your homes. If you get your RockTape® at our online store, you can be sure that its excellence in quality and performance will reach your expectations and overall satisfaction.