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Want A Spin Bike at Home? Get it at Home Gym Australia

If you are looking for a stationary bike to add to your home gym, you may be confused about what to choose since there are different types to consider that are out on the market. Let Home Gym Australia show you each of these types and help you determine which one is the most suitable for your fitness needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Spin Bike?

Of the many types of exercise bikes available nowadays, spin bikes are the ones you would normally see in Hollywood homes. They are the cardio exercise machine of choice when it comes to celebrities and fitness conscious people. They are the one that resembles real outdoor bicycles, with the flywheel exposed and part of the design and aesthetic.

How Are Spin Bikes Different From Other Exercise Bikes?

Now, you may think, how is this type of exercise bike different from the others? Well, there are three types of stationary bikes, the recumbent, upright, and spin bike. While the most comfortable and the least challenging to use is the recumbent type, the last two types may easily be confused with one another. One, because they almost exactly look alike, and two, they are used almost the same way. Let us help you differentiate upright bikes from the spin bikes.

Upright stationary bikes have resistance from the electromagnetic force, making it easier to pre-program and control the resistance. You can ride it while sitting straight or leaning forward as the handlebars are designed to be used that way as well. With a spin bike, on the other hand, the resistance all comes from the flywheel, so the experience is almost like using a real bike outdoors. The spin bike can be used while standing or sitting up, similarly how you do with free bikes. And because the resistance can only be controlled by the flywheel, and no pre-programmed workouts can be made, spin bikes produce the most intense workout of the three.

Is It Good To Use Spin Bikes At Home?

Of course! Cardio exercise is an essential part of any workout routine, and having one of the best machines that can help you get the burn and intensity of a cardio exercise is very important. Since a spin bike is compact, perfect for indoor use, and is efficient with a low or high-intensity cardio workout, it is a good investment to be part of your home gym, whether this space may be a small area of your office or living room, or a converted garage.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Spin Bikes?

Are you still in doubt of what a spin bike can do for you? Do you still need some convincing to make the spin bike a part of your home gym? Here are some of the best reasons why a spin bike is an essential part of your everyday workout.

Weight loss. Yes, those two words speak volumes when it comes to choosing your gym equipment. Spinning classes are a hit because it promotes that you can lose weight in as early as a few sessions., and it is nothing but true! Choosing the spin bike as your cardio workout buddy can help you burn at least 500 calories per session. You can just imagine if you partner this up with several other weight loss workout routines.

Cardiovascular health boost. It is called a cardio workout, after all! When you work out intensely, your heart and lungs get their much-needed push to produce healthy oxygen-rich blood that gets delivered throughout the body. This, in return, nourishes all the important organs that help us become healthier.

Convenience and safety. If you have your own spin bike at home or the office, you would have no reason to skip working out. No excuses would allow you to neglect your health by missing your cardio exercise. Now that the fitness machine is within your reach, using it at least three times a week can be possible without even thinking about leaving the house! What’s more is that you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety and the different scenarios that can keep you from working out, like the weather, the traffic, the steep slopes, and bumpy roads. Since you have your spin bike at home, you can spin, anytime you want.

Muscle tone improvement. Well-defined, lean, firm, and toned - these are the words that can describe how your muscles will look like after you worked out with a spin bike. Adding spinning to your fitness session burns the excess fats, letting your muscles develop and become noticeably developed and firm. For women, the subtle leanness and tonality of the muscles help exude sexiness to our curves, making us look slim yet healthy. For men, having a firm and well-defined muscles on the legs, calves, and abs are great results of using spin bikes.

Stress relief. Exercise, as many of us know, helps release hormones and body chemicals that make us happy. Doing spinning classes regularly, even in the comfort of your home, can help reduce melancholy and retain a happy disposition. Moreover, stress and frustrations the build-up during the day can be released using spin bikes before the day ends, helping you use those stressors into something beneficial to your health and wellness.

Elements That You Need To Look For

So, now that you are convinced that spin bikes can definitely help you reach your fitness goals, the next question is, how should you choose? The only advice that we can give is to check out our models and brands at Home Gym Australia, and you will surely get the best for your needs. Not only are we confident that the products we have are high-quality, but we are also sure that our reliable trainers, coaches, and fitness consultants will be able to recommend a model that would perfectly match your needs. Just to give you an idea, here are the things that we look for when choosing the best spin bike for you.

Features. You would want to get what you paid for. So, the more expensive it gets, the more added features it should possess.

Cost. The best spin bike need not be the most expensive; it just has to address all your needs.

Resistance. The amount of resistance the spin bike allows should be easily and safely handled depending on your capacity.

Digital display. This acts as motivation so you would know how long you’ve been spinning, how much calories you burned, and how fast you were doing.

Weight capacity. Find a spin bike that can handle your weight and force.

Reviewer’s rating. Getting positive feedback from previous and current users of a spin bike does not hurt.