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Start Lifting and Get your squat bar at Best Home Gym Equipment

Weightlifters, listen up! Make sure that your fitness space is equipped with the right gym equipment and accessories to address your exercise needs and requirements. Although bulky and heavy-duty machines or set-up is ideal, getting just the right gym tools would do as well, as long as you know how to take full advantage of its use and function. Best Home Gym Equipment is one of the most trusted online fitness supplies stores in Australia, so you can be sure that your powerlifting and bodybuilding machines and tools are all here. For instance, if your target is to improve your strength, endurance, and power, why not get a high-quality squat bar for your weight and strength training requirements?

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a Squat Bar Different from other Weightlifting Bars?
There are so many weightlifting bars that you can use to build muscles and improve your strength and overall performance. So what makes a squat bar different from them? Well, although it is true that you can really use other gym equipment to perform explosive squats and powerlifting exercises, a squat bar is still ideal and safe for specialty workout routines like this. 

A squat bar is a type of straight bar that weighs up to 60 lbs. What makes it different from other straight bars like the bench press bar and deadlift bar is the knurling that it has not just on both sides of the bar. It also has this textured surface in the middle part of the steel bar to ensure that when you lift it and place it at the back of your neck, the squat bar will not slide and slip on you. The squat bar’s diameter is also a bit thicker compared to other straight bars primarily for better balance and grip.

What is a Safety Squat Bar?
We now know what a squat bar is and how we can differentiate it with other weightlifting bars. But we also have what others call a yoke bar, that is the safety squat bar. This is a specialty bar designs to make the user more comfortable and secure when lifting the weight while performing his squats. A safety squat bar is a straight bar that has two vertical padded steel grips that look like arms, placed in the centre, perpendicular to the main straight bar. Padded cushions surround the ‘arms’ and the neck area to make sure that the bar sits comfortably on the neck and your shoulders do not feel stressed or too uncomfortable during your squats and lifts. This can also have other names, like Olympic safety squat bar, yoke bar, and padded squat bar. The difference relies on the size and weight of this specialty straight bar, but its use and efficiency in improving your upper body strength and appearance stay the same.

Why Should I Use a Squat Bar?
Aside from the fact that this is a specialty bar intended for squat lifts, there are other reasons why a squat bar is the perfect gym equipment for your weightlifting needs.

Reduced stress on shoulders and neck. When using a squat bar, or any weightlifting bars for this matter, your safety and comfort are your main priorities. What’s great about using a squat bar is that it has special elements that make your exercise and workout safer and at ease. The knurls in the middle of the straight bar ensure a better grip on the shirt or skin at the back of the neck, so the squat bar is stable during your workout. Moreover, if you are to choose a safety squat bar, all the better! Its padded cushions and built-in arms make it more convenient and safer for you to steady the squat bar on your shoulders while performing your full-body workout.

Improved upper back strengthening and alignment. Powerlifting and other weightlifting exercises have a reputation for hurting or injuring the shoulder, upper back, and arm muscles. What is so great about using the squat bar is that you do not have to lift the barbell, or any straight bar or weightlifting equipment, from the ground. The skill to work on the upper back is significant because this muscle group is essential for posture. By allowing yourself to lift and carry the squat bar safely and correctly, the strength and muscle definition on your back, chest, shoulders, and arms all go together.

Variety with Safety squat bars. There are several exercises that you cannot do with barbells and other straight bars that you can actually perform using the yoke or safety squat bar. Yoke walks, Hadfield squats, and other squat variations can only be safely performed using a specialty weightlifting bar.

Why Should I Consider Squat Exercises?
Squat exercises are one of the most common workout activities that people perform among many types of routines. All you need is a squat bar, and you can immediately start. It requires no setup and has a very minimum coordination requirement. It is also a perfect precursor to strength training since the exercise focus on your balance and lower body. This method prepares you for a gradual increase of resistance, which is beneficial for your body to withstand heavier loads and extensive training transition.