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If you have a compact one-storey house and you do not have stairs to climb on to, a stair climber machine can easily replace this organic form of fitness and cardio exercise. Strengthen and build healthy muscles on your lower body as well as tone them to make them look defined and sexy in every angle. Improve your core strength while you are at it too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Can Get Form A Stair Climber Machine

Lower body strength. Stair climber machines target the large muscles of the lower body, particularly the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The misconception is that it makes the legs look bulky, but in reality, you lose the fats stored in the leg area and are replaced with toned and sculpted muscles, making your look leaner and sexier.

Core strength. While climbing the stairs, notice how your abdominal area also tightens up? That is because the workout movements also affect the lower abs as you lift your legs. This means that as you strengthen and tone your lower body, you are also strengthening your core for balance and coordination.

Weight loss. If someone gives us a penny for every time we are asked if a stair climber machine can burn fats, we could be rich by now! Always remember that climbing the stairs is a very good cardio workout, and most exercise routines begin their session with a cardio exercise. Using the best stair climber and adding it to your regular workout session will not only make you healthier and stronger, it can also make your body look slimmer and sexier!

Types Of Stair Climber Machines

There are two main kinds of stair climber machines: the pedal-type climbers and the step mill.

Pedal-type stair climbers require the user to move the machine. This home gym stair climber resembles the elliptical trainer and actually works the same way. What you can do to have variations on the difficulty of your workout is to make your steps smaller but faster, or bigger and more emphasised.

The step mill climber is the one that looks like a machine with an escalator belt. You climb up the same way you do with traditional stairs. The difference is that this machine can be configured to adjust the speed of the movement of the steps as it climbs up the machine.

Visit or contact Home Gym Australia so we can guide you in choosing which type of stair climber machine for sale will be compatible with your needs.

Ways You Can Incorporate The Home Gym Stair Climber In Your Workout Routine

Still unsure if investing in a stair climber is worth it? Here are some of the ways you can use this ideal cardio machine every day.

Do squats. Stand on the stair climber with feet apart. Setting your stair climber machine at the lowest speed at first, squat and jump on each step carefully. To do this without causing any accident or joint strain, make sure that you land with your knees bend, and the pressure is on your soles and not on your ankles or knees. You can also hold on to the rails if you feel the need to balance yourself.

Climb with a variation. You can focus your workout on different muscles depending on the way you use the stair climber. If you climb the steps one at a time, you tone and strengthen your quadriceps muscles. Climbing them two or more at a time works out your hamstrings and glutes. So, if you combine them together all throughout your workout session, you will surely sculpt your lower body evenly and effectively. Another fun way you can do to advance the difficulty of your workout is to do crossover steps. How to do it? Simply climb the stairs by alternating your right foot landing on the left side and the left foot landing on the right side!

Add dumbbells. Imagine climbing the stairs with heavy bags on your hands. That is how you can perform this exercise variation. Instead of just climbing the stair climber machine, bring with you your dumbbells, and perform several dumbbell routines in combination with your stair climbing cardio. Talk about a full-body workout!

Are you ready to purchase a stair climber but are afraid you don’t know how to use it properly? Don’t worry! You can always ask Home Gym Australia’s friendly and trained fitness staff and coaches on how to safely and effectively perform workout routines with your new stair climber machine at home!