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Want to have variety and add spice to your daily upper body weight and strength training exercises? Why not add the Torsonator™  to your list of favourite gym equipment? This gym accessory may not look much, but pair it with an Olympic bar or a suitable barbell, and the exercises you can do with this are going to be explosive. Best Home Gym Equipment carries this well-loved brand to address our valued customers’ need for efficient and high-quality pieces of home gym equipment dedicated to weight and strength training activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Torsonator™?
The Torsonator™ is a well-known brand of superior-quality attachment to a barbell or straight bar that resembles a lever. It is a piece of gym equipment placed on the floor with a part attached to one end of a barbell, allowing an angled use of your workout bar. With the Torsonator™, you can achieve a full-torso workout using landmine exercises and other upper body weightlifting activities.

Why is a Torsonator™ preferred by many?
Whether you are a professional athlete, powerlifter, or a regular gym enthusiast, you must have heard about the remarkable effects of using a Torsonator™ for your strengthening and conditioning activities. Landmine exercises are a form of weight training routines that use rotational movements to work out either the upper or the lower body parts, or even both. Depending on your exercise type, you can develop your core strength, perform resistance and strength and muscle-building routines, and improve your muscle definition and tone.

What Makes the Torsonator™ Ideal for your Home Gym?
You may still be unsure why we are suggesting that you get a Torsonator™ for your personal fitness space. The moment that you voice out your workout requirements and expectations for your home gym we already acknowledge the fact that your fitness needs are different from others. And because we rely on your preferences and concerns when recommending a piece of gym equipment or accessory, we must have foreseen the benefits of adding a Torsonator™ into your shortlist of gym essentials. Here are some of the many reasons why a Torsonator™ may be the ideal weight training accessory that you can get.

It is versatile. As the name implies, the Torsonator™ may be the most suitable weight equipment accessory that you can make use of to develop your torso muscles when it comes to its form, strength, and performance. Because weight training allows you to increase your strength and resistance, the movements that you can perform with this device can greatly affect your core strength. What’s so special about this simple-looking gym equipment is the fact that you can change your routines into various steps that can target different muscle groups in the body.

It is so easy to use. How do you utilise the Torsonator™ and add it to your daily workout routine? Many powerlifters and bodybuilders, who regularly lift weights during their workouts, would know how to take advantage of the various landmine exercise routines that you can do with this beauty. Landmine exercises? These are routines that make use of one end of a barbell or straight bar while the other is on the floor or a stand, like the Torsonator™. We suggest that the best way to start using the Torsonator™  is to hold the bar in the middle first, since lifting the tilted bar into almost a vertical line is where the lightest resistance is found. The farther you are from the lower end of the bar (pivot or fulcrum), the heavier and the more challenging your weight training would be.

It provides safe weight and body conditioning exercises. Weight and strength resistance training have been known to be one of the main reasons why gym-goers and athletes encounter injuries and accidents concerning the back and spine. Strains, sprains, overstretching, and muscle cramps may be very common when doing these activities. Some who do not utilise proper body mechanics when performing deadlifts and other bodybuilding activities can experience muscle strain, fatigue, and exhaustion. However, with the Torsonator™, instead of relying on free weights and other heavy-duty weightlifting gym equipment, you can decide on using a safer gym accessory. This allows you to have more controlled steps and routines for rotational torso or upper body training. The full weight of the gym equipment is not going to cause harm or injury to your body, making your workout safe yet effective.

It can be utilised for a full-body workout. It may be a big misconception that Torsonator™, as its name implies, is only for your arms, shoulder, chest, back, and core. However, this underrated equipment can show you versatility, not with just the way it makes your exercise easy to challenging, but also with the way it targets your body parts when it comes to weight and powerlifting. Your target muscle groups will depend on the workout routines that you would add to your exercise. This multi-purpose weight exercise device can focus your workout on not just your upper body but also your calves and legs! Inquire at Best Home Gym Equipment so you can be guided by our partner gym consultants on how to take full advantage of your Torsonator™.

Exercises you can Perform using the Torsonator™
If you are wondering what routines and weight training workouts you can perform with the Torsonator™, let Best Home Gym Australia show you the usual activities that athletes and regular gym enthusiasts perform in the gym or the comfort of their own homes. If you are unfamiliar with any of the following workout routines, and you want to familiarise yourself as to how you can perform these activities using the Torsonator™, then do not be uncertain for long; contact us for further instructions and tips.

  • Landmine shoulder presses
  • Lumberjack squats
  • Landmine rows
  • Landmine presses
  • Landmine lunges
  • Landmine cleans and presses
  • Sumo squats
  • Landmine supine presses 
  • Landmine Romanian deadlifts
  • Single leg Romanian deadlifts 
  • Landmine rotational trunk twists


Want to have the Torsonator™ to your weight training and resistance workout at home? Then, why wait? Contact Best Home Gym Equipment so we can provide you with the most convenient ways to grab yours as soon as possible. You can be sure that with us, a genuine and carefully-shipped Torsonator™ machine will arrive at your doorsteps in no time.