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Get The Best Weight Vests in Australia

weight vest

Putting up your home gym will require you to invest in gym and fitness equipment to help you reach your goals. A weight vest is a good addition for you to have at your home gym. This article will focus on how weight vests can help you reach your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Weight Vest?

A weight vest is used to add extra weight to a workout. Experts say it can help enhance the effects of a workout. It will help you lose weight faster because your body will be working harder to do the exercise.

Usually, weight vests are used to help athletes train harder in preparation for an event. Weight vests will help an athlete's muscles get stronger as they work out with the vests as the date of their sporting event draws near.

However, what if you are not an athlete? What if you are an average person who is considering buying a weight vest for their home gym? This article will help you decide if using a weight vest will be beneficial for you or not.

When Is The Right Time To Work Out With Weight Vests?

Although many experts have mixed feelings about working out with weight vests, there are certain scenarios when working out with weight vests can be productive.

The two types of exercises that benefit the most from using weight vests are bodyweight exercises and cardio exercises. Most of these are done by people who want to lose weight.

Cardio Exercises

These exercises are most recommended for weight loss. If you brisk walk or go for a light run on a treadmill while using a weight vest, it is supposed to help you lose more weight in a shorter amount of time because your body will be working harder during the workout.

Bodyweight exercises

Some trainers swear by using weight vests because they put more pressure on your body. The added weight provided by the vest will force your body to work harder to complete the exercise. If this is done consistently for the long term, it will make muscles stronger.

Muscle strength is one of the benefits that you can achieve if you perform bodyweight exercises while wearing a weight vest. These vests add to your body weight, and give yourself a little more of a challenge as you complete more repetitions.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Weight Vests?

Many people compare a weight vest to a weight that can be added to a workout belt. One advantage to using a weight vest instead of a workout belt is that the distribution of weight is better if it placed on the chest area.

Using a belt to support the added weight can cause many problems for a person during their workout. Some people report having difficulty in breathing when they support added weight below them. If the weight is supported by the torso, it is much easier for the person to support the weight.

There will be less chances of any problems occuring because the weight is more evenly distributed on the chest. The weight vest will allow you to keep your natural center of gravity because the weight will be supported by your upper body and shoulders, instead of having the weight supported by your waist and having the plates dangle below you.

Another advantage of using a weight vest is when a person may be ready to increase the weight they are lifting without increasing the weight they carry on their hands and wrists as they lift. This can happen for people who are ready to have a more intense workout and have the weight increased gradually.

This is a good idea for people who do not have the grip strength to increase the weight on their hand weights. For example, if the person is ready to add five pounds to the weight they lift, they can use a weight vest to carry the added five pounds.

If people add weight onto the weights they lift with their hands, it may cause pain to the wrists and cause damage to the muscles and tendons. This can happen if a person's wrists and hands are not yet strong enough to support the extra weight.

Is There A Negative Side To Working Out With Weight Vests?

If you are thinking about buying a weight vest for your home gym, this question may have crossed your mind. There are a few risks that accompany working out with a weight vest.

Risks Of Training With Weight Vests

Alongside the benefits of training with weight vests, also come the risks. There are only a few risks, and if you are cautious enough, you will not encounter these risks.

If you are not trained

If you are a beginner and have not yet mastered the basics in using added weights in your workout routine, there is the chance that you may get injured or hurt yourself while using weight vests.

The rule to follow is to master how to perform the exercise before adding he added challenge of weight vests. An example of this is doing push-ups. They can be challenging enough on their own, especially for a person attempting to do them for the first time. Adding weight to the mix will almost surely result in injury.

Do not use weight vests for exercises that need balance and speed

If you are going for a run or practising yoga, adding excess weight to your workout can also result in injury. The reason behind this is that the extra weight that was added by the weight vest can cause you to lose your centre of balance and throw you off.

As for speed, it can affect your future workouts. Wearing a weight vest while running for too long can make your body become used to the added weight. Your body will work twice as hard (or even more, depending on how much weight is in your weight vest) and when the time will come to take off the weight vest, you will find that your body will have to readjust itself.

How To Train With Weight Vests

There is a proper way to train and get the best out of your workout using weight vests. Here is a list of tips that can help you make the most out of working out using weighted vests.

Master the basics

This point cannot be said enough. It is important to be able to perform the basic form of the exercise flawlessly for 10 to 20 repetitions before you can safely know that you are ready to work out using a weight vest.

Condition your body first

Before donning your weight vest, it is a good idea to condition your body first. This means doing light exercises like taking a walk on the treadmill first, before doing more intense training while wearing the weighted vest. This will allow your body to get used to the weight before starting a workout.

It is also crucial to have your body cool down after the workout. When you will have finished your workout, take off the weighted vest and rest for a few minutes before doing your cool-down exercises. Take another walk on the treadmill without the vest to let your body cool down and recondition itself without the weight of the vest.

Take longer rest periods

Even without the weight vest, you still to take short breaks in between sets. The regular amount of time that a person should rest should be around 30 seconds to a full minute.

Since you will have added extra weight to your body by wearing the weight vest, it is smart to allow yourself to take a longer rest time in between sets. This rest time will allow you to catch your breath again and be ready to take the next set.

Many Australian experts have mixed feelings about working out using weight vests. Some of them say that working out with added weight has the same long-term effects on the body as doing regular exercise without them. However, many experts also say that your workout will benefit from the use of weight vests.

If your workout has become routinary and you are looking to add a little more challenge, buying a weight vest is a good idea. However, if you are a beginner who is looking to buy their first set of gym gear and fitness equipment, it is probably best for you to steer clear of weight vests for now. Get the hang of doing the exercises first, before adding extra weight.

Remember that you need to know how to properly perform the exercise carrying your own body weight first. Once you will get the hang of doing the exercise, you will be able to do it properly without causing injury to yourself even if weights will be added.

On a final note, if you have worked out in a gym before, and are fairly fit and have done regular exercise in the past, a weight vest may be a good addition to your home gym.